OSWCA provide manuals and educational materials to help members stay safe & healthy as well as secure their heavy equipment. The majority of these resources are provided complimentary as part of the membership benefits. 

HR Toolkit
The Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association ("OSWCA") through its membership in the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) has been granted access for distribution to this draft Human Resources (HR) Toolkit ("Toolkit") for the general use by sewer and watermain contractors in Ontario who administer their own Human Resources policies and programs.

CCDC Documents
Sample Contractor Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Contractor:
I solemnly declare that, as of the date of this declaration, I am an authorized signing officer, partner or sole proprietor of the Contractor named in the Contract identified above, and as such have authority to bind the Contractor, and have personal knowledge of the fact that all accounts for labour, subcontracts, products, services, and construction machinery and equipment which have been incurred directly by the Contractor in the performance of the work as required by the Contract, and for which the Owner might in any way be held responsible, have been paid in full as required by the Contract up to and including the latest progress payment received, as identified above, except for:...

Stolen Heavy Equipment
The Ontario Provincial Police estimates that each year between $15 and $20 million worth of heavy construction equipment is stolen. The OSWCA has been heavily involved in the area of theft prevention and stolen equipment recovery for its members. OSWCA is committed to developing Ontario's clean water and wastewater systems, ensuring a plentiful supply of clean drinking water and preserving our lakes and rivers. Making clean water & environmentally responsible wastewater systems is a top priority.

Health and Safety
The Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (“OSWCA”) has compiled this draft occupational health and safety program (“Program”) for the general use by sewer and watermain contractors in Ontario who are creating their own occupational health and safety policies and programs. ‚ÄčThis Program is intended to increase awareness of a contractor’s occupational health and safety responsibilities and to act as a seed document for the development of personalized health and safety policies and programs. While the Program attempts to bring together issues concerning our industry, it should not be used without modification.