The Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (“OSWCA”) has compiled this draft occupational health and safety program (“Program”) for the general use by sewer and watermain contractors in Ontario who are creating their own occupational health and safety policies and programs. While the Program attempts to bring together issues concerning our industry, it should not be used without modification. As described below, sewer and watermain contractors must tailor this Program to their own workplaces.

This Program is intended to increase awareness of a contractor’s occupational health and safety responsibilities and to act as a seed document for the development of personalized health and safety policies and programs. To assist in that goal, the Program provides both “draft” (or, sample) policy language and an explanation as to why particular language is recommended.

It cannot be emphasized enough that, when creating a health and safety policy and program, a contractor must consider the workplace or construction site on which they are employed or contracted, the hazard of the work that is being undertaken, the protective measures that are available and that are required to perform the work safely, and the hazards of the industry in general.

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